Kualoa Ranch Movie Tour – Visit Hawaii TV & Hollywood Movie Sites on Oahu

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Find yourself awestruck by the natural beauty of Ka’a’awa Valley, a place often called the backlot of Hawaii throughout Hollywood, and join a tour that will take you through several blockbuster movie and TV sets, as well as provide you with context and lots of fascinating historical information. Kualoa Ranch has been a go-to backdrop since Elvis’ first films in the 1960’s. Romantics will be happy to find 50 First Dates film locations and gain in-depth access to locations used in the filming of iconic productions such as Jurassic Park, LOST, Hawaii 5-0, Pearl Harbor and other memorable projects, including the newest Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.

Film production for latest movie “Jurassic World Last Kingdom” made multiple stops around the Hawaiian Islands from Oahu to the Big Island lasting more than 25 days, much of which took place at Kualoa Ranch. Kualoa Ranch can be seen on screen as the backdrop for the radio tower bunker. Other memorable shots from the film took place at Heeia Small Boat Harbor in Kaneohe, where surrounding jungle framed shots of dinosaur tamer, Owen, chasing the velociraptor, Blue.